Top 9 Reasons For Ingratitude

I’m excited to come your way again this morning with another title as I continue to share on Gratitude. This morning I will be sharing on: REASONS FOR INGRATITUDE

Have you asked why are many in life not disposed to doing what they supposed to do or the right thing? More disturbing is the fact that many know that something is good or right but have consciously or not refused to do it.

I think this is one of the key reasons our families, organisations, institutions and society at large are not progressing at the expected rate.

The question why are people not normally thankful or appreciative even when there seems to be reason(s) for doing so is the purpose for this article.

Why are people not really grateful or appreciative even when they ought to? Let me quickly make this point before I continue.

  • Gratitude is a debt,
  • Gratitude is a demand,
  • Gratitude is a responsibility, and
  • Gratitude is a command.
Anytime it is due, it is expected. And anytime it is not received there is always a negative immediate or later consequence(s) on the part of the beneficiary of the gesture or kindness. Please don’t forget this.
The reason I am emphasising this is that many have always believed and thought that showing appreciation is favour done to a benefactor by a beneficiary of such a favour. What a misconception! The encounter Jesus Christ had with the ten (10) lepers in Luke 17: 17 -18 was quite revealing!
You remembered that Jesus healed ten (10) lepers; but only one (1) returned with gratitude and Jesus reacted to the act of Ingratitude showing an outright disapproval. You cannot call right what Jesus called wrong! See Jesus response.

“Jesus asked, Where not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?” (Luke 17: 17-18).

Basic lessons to learn from here: Jesus was actually expecting Appreciation from these ten guys only to get one. This story reveals human Gratitude Quotient or Aggregate. This is very poor; one over ten (1/10) is a very bad fraction!

Another important lesson to learn from here by benefactors or givers of kindness or good gesture is not to expect too much from beneficiaries or receivers of your kindness or gesture. I think you’ve already known the percentage – the average is one percent (1%). It follows, therefore, when you are being a blessing to somebody focus on the larger picture that is the reward you get from God rather than the Appreciation you get from the beneficiary or receiver because you could be disappointed.

With this in mind you will hardly be discouraged from being a blessing to somebody anytime.



People are ungrateful first because they are ignorant of the benefits and dangers of the consequences.


Behind most act of ingratitude is pride, ego and selfishness. Every ungrateful person is a proud fellow.


Everyone that has good understanding is inherently grateful where as whoever that lacks it is naturally ungrateful. It is good understanding that makes one to see the good intention behind every good gesture or kindness and the need to return thanks or show appreciation.


The best vocabulary to describe ingratitude is wickedness. When you are not wicked you will find pleasure in being grateful.


Every man’s act is controlled by his or her thoughts. When you think right you will act right; and when you think wrong you act the same. Every ungrateful man or woman has ingratitude thinking. Fore sure, you cannot act what you don’t think.


Check it most of the things you do come as a result of the influence from the company you keep. When you associate with ingrates you would soon become one.


Some people by nature are very difficult to please no matter what you do. Even if you kill yourself to please them, they will still say you didn’t do it on time. But that is a very bad nature. Pray God to help you change!


Many expect too much and too wrongly from people. The fact remains that most people you are expecting too much from are not even owing you. It is natural that when one’s expectation is not met needless to be grateful.


Unfortunately, many were brought up from families where good morals and values were not communicated to children early in life so they grew with it only to find themselves in hopeless situations as adults now.
Meanwhile, the wrong values have taken time to stick to their idiosyncrasies including the act of not calling it anything to say thank you to someone.

I want to believe again that this little piece will go a long way this morning to bless.

Once again, thank you for keeping date with me and finding pleasure in reading my posts. I am most grateful to you believing the grace of God to make you in life exactly who He has created yo u to be. You are blessed!

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