Power To Deliver and Command Your Weekend

I have a good news for you this weekend! You can deliver your weekend from the wicked and Command it to go the way God has intended it for you and your family! Yes, you’ve got the power.

One of the grave mistakes a lot of believers make is to leave their weekend to fate, chance or happenstance. And where that happens the enemy takes it over. But this ought not to be. You are created to be in charge and suppose to take charge. For sure, you can create the type of weekend you desire and can also reject the type the devil and his agents have planned for you and your loved ones.

One of the amazing attributes of God is that nothing happens to Him suddenly or against His will. He is completely in charge and the devil knows. God has never seen surprises from the devil or demons before; and will never see. If God has never seen surprises before from the devil; the question is ‘Why has Satan kept surprising the believer?’

I believe if the believer does what God does, the devil will stop surprising him/her. Somebody is asking ‘What actually does God do?’ Simple, He is proactive! He goes ahead of the devil. And He expects you to do so.

Don’t wait for the devil to hit before you start defending or fighting back. When you allow that to happen you will be grappling with Damage Control. Friend, the worst position to take against the devil is defense. When dealing with the devil you don’t be on the defense you maintain AGRESSIVE OFFENSIVE. Have you not heard that the best form of defense is ATTACK?

Beloved, there is Power in your mouth! Your word carries weight and the force to create your intentions. If God said in the book of Genesis ‘Let there be’ and it was; why should you say the same and have anything less? Your declarations in Prayer cannot be stopped by any devil or power known or unknown. Oh! You don’t know the Power inside you!

God woke up one early morning only to discover that the world He wanted has been made void, formless and darkness taken over. But He had a picture of the kind of world He wanted. He didn’t waste time to launch an offensive against all void, formlessness and darkness. As He did immediately He produced His expected desire. I’m sure God first cleared or rejected the things He did not want before commanding into existence His desire.

You can deliver your weekend from Satanic control over your life, health, family, children, business, journey, events, etc. Rise up and engage your authority against the works of the devil programmed against you! They will never have a field day this weekend in your life, in the name of Jesus! Over your family this weekend they will not succeed! You remember Luke 10: 19?

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

God has promised that you will not be hurt by them and nobody can say otherwise. What kind of weekend do you see?

  • Rushing your child to the hospital?
  • Going to the morgue to deposit a corpse?
  • Involving in a ghastly motor accident?
  • Having your house burnt down by fire?
  • Taking off and crashing in an airplane?
  • Receiving a news that your husband or wife has died?
None of these will be your portion, in Jesus name! Your weekend must reject the following things over your life, family, health, property, etc.


(A believing Amen from you will establish them for you)

1. My weekend Reject Sorrow, in Jesus name!

2. My weekend Reject tragedy, in Jesus name!

3. My weekend Reject disaster, in Jesus name!

4. My weekend Reject grievous mistakes, in Jesus name!

5. My weekend Reject sicknesses and diseases, in Jesus name!

6. My weekend Reject shame, embarrassment and humiliation, in Jesus name!

7. My weekend Reject sudden attack, in Jesus name!

8. My weekend Reject witchcraft arrow, in Jesus name!

9. My weekend Reject all forms of motor accidents, in Jesus name!

10. My weekend Reject gun shot, in Jesus name!

11. My weekend Reject attack on my family, in Jesus name!

12. My weekend Reject any form of miscarriage, in Jesus name!

13. My weekend Reject fire outbreak, in Jesus name!

14. My weekend Reject financial lack, in Jesus name!

15. My weekend Reject evil news, in Jesus name


1. My weekend Receive good health for me and family, in Jesus name!

2. My weekend Receive Mercy for me and family, in Jesus name!

3. My weekend Frustrate the plans of the wicked against me and family, in Jesus name!

4. My weekend Receive divine intervention for me and family, in Jesus name!

5. My weekend Receive fulfilment of prophecy for me and family, in Jesus name!

6. My weekend Receive testimony for me and family, in Jesus name!

7. My weekend Receive divine help for me and family, in Jesus name!

So shall it be for you and family, in Jesus Mighty Name!

Wishing you a Happy Weekend

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