My Reservation and Opinion About President Donald Trump Foreign Policies

I’m compelled to say some things which could form my candid opinion and reservation about the new administration of Donald Trump and his foreign policies based on the fact that a lot of people have concluded that he is ‘God sent’.

I am not in any way disputing d fact that he could be sent by God for whatever reason neither am i a part of the group that has concluded that he is God sent. My reason is simple, i believe in the philosophy of Objectivity than the religion of Subjectivity.

To me, the conclusion that Donald Trump is ‘God sent’ is more subjective than objective. I’m sure one of d reasons the advocates of ‘God sent’ have is the fact that d Evangelicals supported him in mass during d elections. Again, they are of d opinion that some of d laws and policies supported by Obama administration like: gay marriage, legalisation of abortion etc, were anti-society, repugnant to morality and obnoxious to the scriptures. I quite agree with this position and would want to identify with d advocates on this.

Accepting but not conceding, this fact alone is not enough to conclude that Donald Trump is ‘God sent’. If we want to be objective, we cannot only see d wrong side of Obama’s administration. He had his good side too. I repeat, i believe in the philosophy of objectivity than the religion of subjectivity.

Donald Trump less than 15days in office has signed about 13 Executive orders which included the ban on seven (7) countries nationals: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan Somalia and Libya from entrying the US at least for 90 days. Even innocent individuals, family men and women who have lived in d US without criminal records that just travelled out could not be allowed in.

What was their offence? They were born or made citizens of certain nations which was exclusively an act of God and not of their making. What is Donald Trump’s reason? ‘To protect America’. The question is ‘To protect America against who?

Can i please ask the question; has it been confirmed that the real enemies of the US are from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Libya? Or should we say that every Islamic nation is an enemy of the US? If the later is to be true, it simply means that the number of nations is not yet complete. Except President Trump is telling the whole world that there is a ‘Special Security Report’ from his intelligence community telling him about these 7 countries shortlisted for ban.

Can we go a little bit back to history. The worst terror attack in history on United States was 9/11 attack. In that attack that shook the US 19 people were involved. Out of the 19 people 15 were citizens of Saudi Arabia. Now, in Donald Trump list of banned nations, Saudi is not there?

Again, if what Donald Trump is fighting against is people of Islamic faith because it is generally believed that the extremists among them are prone to terror and violence; is not Saudi Arabia the world headquarters of Islamic religion? At this point don’t u think what Donald Trump is prosecuting is a war or policy full of passion and void of reason?

My fellow country men, brothers and sisters who have been advocating that Trump is ‘God sent’, if Nigeria has been included in the ban would u have still maintain your advocacy of his being ‘God sent’. I leave that to your judgement.

Furthermore, he intend to protect America from influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico and he is asking the Mexican Government to fund his $15 billion fence construction project. You are protecting America and Mexico should pay for it?

This is my reservation for all the policies President Trump is making. They are in the form of questions:

1. Can America be actually protected to the exclusion of other nations?
2. Can America exist and thrive alone in Isolation?
3. The Islamic religion and muslims you are trying to ban from outside, are there no American Arabs, muslims living in the United States as bona fide citizens? If terrorism and violence are synonimous with Islam, and adept muslims are still a part and parcel of the American community by birth and by right; do you think with this general anti-Islam policies that America is still safe?
4. Don’t you think that this radical ban on 7 Islamic nations could have a negative ripple effect and eventual reprissals on the US?
5. Don’t you think with this kind of policy from the US Government that the enemies of the US like the ISIS have a strong propaganda to spread now against d US, and reason to justify any of their onslaughts?

Finally, what is the moral, spiritual or legal justification in an innocent person suffering for the wrong or offence of another?

In criminal law there is a principle according to Blackstone formulation that states thus: ‘It is better for 10 guilty persons to escape than for 1 innocent person to suffer’. The import of this principle is that no innocent person should be punished at anytime for whatever reason.

Where is the application of this truth in the foreign policy recently signed by Donald Trump?

Rather families have been separated from loved ones, good business relationship has been lost, there is pain, anguish, sorrow and disappointment in the hearts and mind of affected many.

All the supporters of this obnoxious foreign policy from Donald Trump; put yourselves in the shoes of these families involved. If u are separated from ur family, kids, job, relatives abruptly simply bcos u just travelled out, and not to reunite until 90 days; how would u feel?

Furthermore, if u were a citizen of Syria with what is going on there and u were denied refuge by the US (God’s Own Country), how would u feel?

Remember, US is a signatory to UN conventions which permits access and the right of refugees, so does Geneva Convention which guarantees the right and access of refugees to nations. Has the US withdrawn her signature before puting this immigration ban? Or it could be that the 7 affected nations are not signatories to relevant UN, EU, CW and AU conventions, treaties and charters.

In conclusion, I think President Trump has a good motive but applying a wrong method. Let his policies be well thought out and let experts on the issues advise. Above all, expert advice should be adhered to.

God bless Donald Trump!

God bless United States!

God bless Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand!

God bless all His creatures on Planet Earth!

Written by: Rev. Joseph A. Amakwe

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