7 Channels of Gratittude

Having seen last the Reasons for Ingratitude; in this edition I will be sharing on: CHANNELS OF GRATITUDE

As far as Gratitude is a valid and solid principle it essentially has channels of expression or communication. Besides, understanding the channels of gratitude makes the practice of it prompt and effectual.

I want to say here that there are many ways or channels you can say thank you to someone when and as due. I want to quickly say here to you that it pays to be grateful all the time.

When you start practicing the art of gratitude and the science of appreciation the dividends are unquantifiable in human measurement.

One appreciation showed to a certain kindness enjoyed or received by you could be the key to unlock that door of destiny for you.

One ‘thank you’, ‘I am very grateful’, ‘I appreciate so much’ could be more powerful than 21days of fasting and prayer. The reason is that principles cannot be beaten.


There are many channels of Gratitude but I will be stating a few of them right away.


The first and quickest way to express appreciation is by spoken words. When you say thank you to someone for a kind gesture that is verbal expression. This is very important. Don’t miss that. Always do it promptly as you know that time affects gratitude. Moreover, delayed gratitude could be ingratitude!


The second potent way to express gratitude is in writing. You can communicate your appreciation in writing. You can write a thank you letter, send a thank you note, thank you text message or email, whatsaAp message to a benefactor.


One other ways you can show appreciation is to place a call across to a benefactor appreciating him or her for the kind gesture you have enjoyed from him or her. With the revolution in communication technology there is no longer distance barrier to showing appreciation. You can be in Nigeria appreciating a person in Australia within seconds. Take advantage of the telephony to maximise the virtue of gratitude.


Appreciation can be expressed through personal visit to a benefactor. Your presence before a benefactor at certain time could speak volume of the state of your heart towards a kind deed meted out to u.

In short, the kind of gesture showed you, time, place and the person of the benefactor should determine the choice of the channel of gratitude. To say the fact, there are gestures that must be necessarily appreciated by a physical presence or visit of the beneficiary. You must be sensitive enough to discern.

5. GIFT(S)

Giving of gift(s) is another good way of showing appreciation. Where and when gift is required don’t substitute it with something else. Bear in mind that there are appreciations that are best expressed through physical gifts.


Has it occurred to you that Celebration is a part of Appreciation? One of the best ways to appreciate your benefactor is to celebrate him or her. For instance, your benefactor is marking his or her birthday, dedicating his child, house and you are pretending not to know that something is happening or that you are very busy.
That could be very wrong! Moment of Celebration is moment of Appreciation. Always identify with your benefactor in his high moments. It inspires him or her a lot.


Another way of showing appreciation is giving of your sympathy. The same way you celebrate your benefactor in his or her high moments, so are you expected to sympatise with him or her in low moments. This is gratitude!

I request to leave you here with this piece for your meditation and consideration until I come your way again soon.

Wishing you a great day!

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