12 Spiritual Ways Fasting Helps Your Prayers to Get Result

Greetings and welcome to Friday Daily Prayer Power Devotional with Pst. Joseph A. Amakwe.

Thank God for the progress of our series on The Secrets of Praying with Result. I want to believe that the posts have been a blessing to you.

In this Friday episode, I will be sharing on the Seventh Secret of Praying with Result, and that is FASTING.

Friend, every reality that works powerfully has strong components that make it so. May I affirm at this point that you don’t just pray and get the result. There are things to know about praying for you to actually pray and get the results expected.

One of the ancient Secrets of praying and getting results is the Key of FASTING. As far as the Success of your Spiritual life and Christian adventure on earth are concerned, the Practice of Fasting is not optional rather imperative! The practice of fasting in the Bible started from the beginning of the Old Testament and stretched into the New Testament. Both the Old and New Testament prophets and believers agreed on the value and virtue of the exercise.

The two pillars of the Old and New Testament scriptures which happened to be Moses and Jesus believed so strongly in the teaching and practice of fasting.

You remember the scripture says that the Law (The Old Testament) came through Moses: while Grace (The New Testament) came through Jesus. (John 1: 17).

Another fact that supports strongly the authenticity and power of fasting as a Spiritual booster is the reality that no religion of the earth whether dead or alive condemns it. I think the principle is the same, it is only the understanding and application that vary.

It is common knowledge that every religion that upholds fasting as a spiritual exercise does that in furtherance of higher spiritual attainment or result. That is the reason I said that the principle seems to be the same while the variance lies with the understanding and application.

May I quickly say at this point in no mistaken terms that Fasting is a serious spiritual necessity to getting result in prayer. Friend, if getting real result in prayer is your desire fasting leaves you with no choice! There is no spiritual attainment or commitment that exempts anyone from fasting. As a matter of fact, the more spiritually positioned or attained you think you are the more dedicated to fasting you need.

Jesus Christ and Moses, the two greatest prophets representing the Old and New Testaments have laid the foundation. Moses fasted for 40 days and nights, so did Jesus.

Would you permit me to humble you dear? You cannot be a successful believer when you cannot fast! Moreover, no condition should exempt you from fasting. Not even health or pregnancy. Don’t accept. This is it: when you are faced with a special condition like health or pregnancy, your type of fast should be arranged and determined the way it would suit your condition. But to be out of it completely is not acceptable! By the way, do you know that there are health benefits of fasting?

When Jesus was talking about Fasting, he said ‘When you fast’, he didn’t say ‘If you fast’. ‘If’ could have made it optional, but ‘When’ has made it compulsory! Look at the scripture in Matthew 6: 16.

“Moreover, WHEN ye FAST, be not, as the hypocrites, of sad countenance..”
(emphasis mine, King James Bible).

Friend, fasting is compulsory for believers to enhance the effectiveness and results of their prayers. Jesus himself made it abundantly clear in Mark 9: 29, that there are certain results you cannot get in prayer except you add Fasting to it.

“And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing: but by Prayer and FASTING.” (emphasis mine, King James Bible)


1. It humbles your Soul before the Lord. (Psalm 35: 13)

2. It Chastens (Disciplines) your Soul before the Lord (Psalm 69: 10)

3. It creates a deep spiritual disposition before the Lord. (Joel 2: 12)

4. It helps you to attain a level of spiritual brokenness to implore the mercies of God.

5. It strengthens your faith in prayer.

6. It deepens the dimension of your prayer

7. It helps to cut off certain spiritual and physical distractions to prayer.

8. It sharpens spiritual sensitivity and enhances access to divine direction. (Ezra 8: 21).

9. In certain cases, it shows a clear demonstration of remorse for and repentance from sin.

10. It sets a spiritual atmosphere for divine revelation.

11. It initiates the ascendancy of the spirit over the flesh. It helps the spirit to control the flesh.

12. It is a spiritual precondition for certain result or breakthrough in prayer. (Mark 9: 29).

Friend, I believe in fasting: do you? As important as fasting is, every believer should have a monthly or periodical personal fasting and prayer program. I have heard some lazy believers saying “It is not in fasting, as far as you have faith: must you fast for God to answer you? ”

The one that answers prayers has already set fasting as a precondition for certain prayers to be answered therefore, it is too late to change it now. (Mark 9: 29).

I can’t imagine your prayers remaining the same way after your encounter with this truth!

I see your prayers getting the desired results as you incorporate the exercise of fasting to it, in Jesus name.

You will not be defeated in life! You will not lose that battle. That shame will not come to you and family, in Jesus name!

In case you have any questions or clarifications to make on this subject of fast, please do through my Wasap contact. I will be glad to assist.

God bless you while I look forward to sharing your testimonies with you!


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